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Hey everyone! Welcome to our new page for our Lactation Cookies! I am very excited about this new product for nursing moms! Currently we are offering our lactation cookies locally & offer shipping to both in state and out of state!

A little bit about our cookies and how they were started! I am a mom of 2, my oldest is 8 and my youngest is soon to be 6. I have a food truck called Kastle's Kreations and we specialize in Gourmet Cupcakes that travels around Anchorage, ER and the Valley in Alaska. On baking days and truck days my boys go to a SAHM daycare and since my youngest was around 3mo i had to start pumping full time while i was away from him. After about 1.5mo of being back to work full time, i noticed my milk supply was decreasing wk to wk and before i knew it i went from getting 5/6oz from one side to only getting 3oz between both sides in a pumping session. I looked into some different options and one thing I came across was Lactation Cookies. Well, since i own a bakery, I decided why not try and make my own cookies. Looked up to see what needed to be in these cookies that could help boost my milk supply and then added it to my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. I made my first batch and they were delicious! I am not a big sweets person (i know, crazy! I own a bakery & i dont have a sweet tooth!) but i wanted to keep eating more! I started eating 2 a day & after 3 days noticed an increase of 3oz between my 3 pumping sessions. After a week my supply had doubled!!! I shared this on my business page and quickly saw that this was something other nursing moms were interested in! We had our fans/customers help us come up with a name and pick a label design and Mama's Milkin' Munchies was born!

Right now we offer 2 flavors of cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip & Monster Cookie which has peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips and m&m's. We also offer granola bars as well. Chocolate PB which is Gluten & Dairy Free along with being organic. 

Small Flat Rate Envelope fits a 1 weeks supply and the Medium Flat Rate Boxes can hold up to a 1 month supply of cookies/bars. Our cookies & bars can be frozen to stay fresh. There are no preservatives in our cookies.

Currently our cookies/bars are available from our cupcake truck and at the following retail locations:

Nursing Boutique at Providence - Anchorage - all Lactation Products
Fresh Cup Playhouse - South Anchorage off Dimond - Plump Em Up Cookies

Chevron Gas Station - Eagle River - Plump Em Up Cookies

Tinkers Rainforest Deli - Eagle River - All lactation products 

All about Herbs - Wasilla - Plump Em up Cookies

I recommend eating 2 a day for best results. The Granola Bare are more potent so for best results we recommend eating through out the day rather than all at once. This helps keep milk up and steady through out the day. You can eat them both at once for a bigger boost.


1 day supply - 2 cookies/1 bar (2 servings)- $6.50

1 week supply - 14 cookies/7 bars (14 servings) - $40.00

1 month supply - 56 cookies/28 bars (56 servings) - $140.00

Cookie/Bars & Shipping Prices

1 week supply with medium flat rate - $55.00

2 week supply with medium flat rate shipping - $105.00

1 month supply with flat rate shipping - $165.00


Collaborated and Joined Forces with Molly Bz's Cookies to come up with a big soft and chewy cookie that you can enjoy just 1 cookie a day (equivalent to 2 cookies)

Prices are the same as above but it is 1 cookie per package rather than 2

Order your Cookies today! https://kastles-kreations.square.sit​e Click on the link to order cookies for local pick up or to be shipped to you!

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