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About Me

My name is Kastle Sorensen and I was born and raised in Alaska. When I was younger I had dreams of becoming a doctor and then that dream turned into becoming a Spanish Teacher. I went to college and received both my Bachelors and Masters degree in Spanish Education. Spanish jobs in Alaska are rare to find. I tried out different jobs such as being a waitress and bank teller. I had fun and was good at my job but I didnt love it like my fellow co-workers. I could not see myself working at a financial institution the rest of my life. My family always encouraged me to go after my dreams and to do whatever makes me happy. So I quit my job in November of 2010 and had hopes of owning my own bakery someday. When I realized how popular cupcakes were, I decided my goal was to have my own cupcake shop.

About Kastle's Kreations

I love to bake and see people's expressions when they try something I have created. I began watching cupcake wars in the Fall of 2009 and became intrigued and excited about cupcakes. One day, I decided to make cupcakes for a fundraiser chili cook off at a church. Everyone was amazed at how good the cupcakes were. Soon after, I received a call about ordering some more of those delicious cupcakes. I started to make new flavors and pass out samplers for free to see what people thought of the cupcakes. The orders were coming in left and right. I went through 10 lbs of powdered sugar in 1 week!!! It was soon after I decided to get serious about this cupcake business and get business cards, flyers and packaging supplies for cupcakes! So here I am now...cupcakes, cakes, cake pops and pb pies available for any special event - birthdays, baby & wedding showers, weddings, office parties, open houses and more!

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