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Mobile Cupcake Shop Update
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March 13th
Cupcake truck graphics are all done!!!
Hi res Graphics called me today around 3pm and said the cupcake truck was all done!!! I was so excited! I called my mom and went over right away! It looks awesome. If you take a look at the home page, it has pictures of the truck from all angles. Later today my dad took me out driving because I have never driven anything this big! I drive a little VW Beetle so this is going to be quite the adjustment for me. We waited until 10:30pm when there were no cars on the road. Drove all over Eagle River and even made it onto the highway. It was kinda scary but I did really good...now tomorrow I have to drive it alone into Anchorage to have it get its final approval from the health department. I cant wait to start test baking and get this truck up and running!
March 9th:
Hi-Res Graphics in Eagle River is working on the graphic wrap!
Printing has begun. It is coming along very slow. They have to print out 6 - 4ft by 9ft panels for each side, plus ones for the back and front. This truck has a lot of color so it takes a long time to print. They finished printing one side today and laminated them. Tomorrow they will start putting on the graphic wrap on one side while the other side is being printed and laminated. The truck will be done maybe by Saturday but most likely by early next week. Stay tuned for pictures of the completed truck with its graphic wrap!
March 1st:
The Cupcake Truck has arrived in Anchorage!!!
The truck arrived and we were able to go pick it up. Since it was a long 2 weeks of cold weather on its travels up, the battery had died. The shipping company told us it was dead dead and there was no way it was going to start up without charing the battery first. We hooked it up to some jumper cables and it started within a few minutes, thank goodness! I had just put 2 new batteries in that truck before it came to Alaska. After picking it up from the railroad dock, we drove it VERY slowly out to Eagle River to Hi Res Graphics where it is getting its graphic wrap on. The truck just does not move fast, 45 tops on the highway and 60 when going down hills! LOL thats okay because it is going to be interesting to learn to drive this, so going slow is fine with me. It will probably take about a week to get all the graphics printed and put on. I will take more pictures once it is completed! Once everything is done I will be using it to bake out of, but will probably wait until late March, early April to have a grand opening of it!
February 16th:
The Cupcake Truck is COMPLETE! Look at all the photos to see its progress from start to finish!
The Kastle's Kreations Mobile Cupcake Truck is complete! I have uploaded several additional photos ... more to come when I go see it tomorrow. It ships out on Friday (February 17th) ... takes about 10-14 days for it to arrive and then the fun begins getting the rest of things together!
Once it arrives in AK there is a couple weeks worth of work that still need to be. The most important which is to get its graphic wrap put on. It also has to go to the health department to receive its final inspection for approval and get my permits. During that time I will be buying the rest of equipment and ingredients to go into the truck and hopefully by mid March the Mobile Cupcake Shop will be up and running!!! Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!
*February 17th - truck ships out of Seattle and heads to AK
*February 27 - Cupcake truck arrives in AK!!! (if weather permits)